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KooL Greeter is an Addon for the best Voice Chat Software "Paltalk Messenger". Greet your Users with Colorfull text messages

Kool-Greeter is an Addon made for Worlds Largest Voice Chat Software called Paltalk Messenger. The latest Version 2.0 comes with a new Option that allowes Room Owners and Users to Publish Visitors Country Name.

How to use the Greeter?

Step 1: Open your Room in Paltalk Messenger.

Step 2: Start the KooL-Greeter Software by China-Cheats.com.

Step 3: Now Enable the Option on top of the Room by clicking on the >> Settings Menu, Then choose and Enable the >> Message me in text as people join room.

Step 4: Click on the START button inside the KooL-Greeter and wait for users to visit your room.

PS, Dont forget to enable the "Join Message" option in Settings Menu called Message me in text as people join room befor or after starting the Greeter

You can create Cool Colorfull Text Messages, and use it as a Chat or Editor. Instead of chatting from the Editor in the Room you can use the Inbuild Chat/Editor in Kool Greeter for Publishing or Chatting in the room.

There has been many Greeters for Paltalk Messenger. Yet not as good as the one made by China-Cheats.com. Kool Greeter v2 has a new option that allowes users and room owners to Publish Visitors Country Name based on their Profile Information. Kool Greeter is able to Get the Country and Location from Users Profile in less than a Mili second and Publish it on Room Join. It Looks pretty Cool and surprising for Guests and Visitors who joins the Chat Room. They will be greeted with their Country Name

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KooL Greeter


KooL Greeter 2.0 for PC

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